At New Day Metaphysical, Shopping is an Experience.

New Day Metaphysical is a place for seekers.  Seekers are those who are on a path of their own, in search of answers to the deepest questions about human existance, connectedness, and simply, being.  It's a place for those in search of healing, who find themselves ready to confront their inner self, overcoming negative energy.  New Day Metaphysical is a welcoming, positive space for all those who seek personal growth, solace, and spiritual connection.  Here, the light shines on you and your spirit.  Come in and find your 


   As you enter the shop, you'll notice the beauty of a small water fall, with the sound of Native American flute playing in the background, and the scent of Palo Santo lingering in the air.  We are small but robust!  You will feel at home during your shopping experience and impressed by the unique variety and reasonable prices.

Guaranteed Products

We have a 30 day money back guarantee if your item is received damaged or for any reason, needs to be returned.  We cannot accept back open card decks, used or broken glass pipes.  Bring your receipt please.

Friendly, Educated  Staff

Jamie not only owns and operates New Day Metaphysical, but does it with a smile and loves to meet the neighborhood!  Come on in and meet her!  She's also an RN, a Reiki Therapist, a Tarot card reader, a Mom, and spiritual enthusiast.  She's always open to new ideas to update and improve the shopping experience, and willing to share her knowledge as well!                                                                             

Get your Tarot cards read!
  $15 - just walk in!  

Gift Certificates and Rewards Punch Cards Available!

At New Day Metaphysical, we offer gift cards in a variety of values that never expire, and we have a rewards punch-card program.  Every time you spend $10 you get a punch, get 9 punches and save $5 off your 10th purchase.

CBD oil and CBD Edibles are available, as well as glass pipes, water pipes, screens, steamrollers, papers, pre-rolls, trays, herb grinders and multitools.

The Blog

    Adventures in Shop Ownership

Tuesday, May 15
Today  was a fascinating day for me.  First, I got my Dunkin Donuts order paid in the drivethru by the person in front of me!  So of course, I payed it forward.  It is a beautiful, sunny, spring day with a little crisp in the air.  I get to the shop, and I meet the most fabulous woman.  She looked around for a while, then decided to have her cards read.  She noted that the reading resonated with her, and the reading seemed to touch her.  She left.  2 hours later, she returns!  She had the most fabulous lunch and met such a charming man.  They had a long discussion, then he left.  When she went to cash out, her lunch was paid for by someone in the restaurant!  She felt serendipitous as she watched a young man in the restaurant propose to his new bride to be.  She had returned to the shop to tell me that I had started this ball rolling and she was going to keep it going by returning to painting, and old love she gave up long ago.  She hugged me and squeezed my warm hands and gave me such a genuine"thank you."

Thursday, May 17
Yesterday I met the most interesting man.  He wore his hair longer in the front and back, wore a back pack, and had a skip in his step.  He had a huge smile as he told me his name.  He went over to the crystal section and corrected my spelling of several stones.  Then, as he was leaving, I told him to "tell your friends about us!"  He replied, "I don't have many friends'"  "I'll be your friend, I'm Jamie," and we shook hands.  After he left, I made sure to correct all my spelling mistakes.  Today, he came up to the window and gave me a big wave, then kept on going.  It was nice to see him again.  My new friend.

Friday May 18
I don't know how lucky I am to have found a teacher in the world of business and marketing.  He was the dad of a student at UNH, and we walked into my shop and asked about Tapping.  I told him at the time I knew little about it.  He spent 2 hours the next day talking to me and teaching me all I could need to know about Tapping and marketing.  He spent and hour and a half on the phone with me the day after that, guiding me in the business world, and all for free - no questions asked.  He taught me about Tapping, (which I now keep books in the store on) , and how effective and useful it is as a healing tool.  I feel rich with knowledge.  Then he wrote the most eloquant review of my shop.  My new friend is a good one.

Tuesday May 22
Today a woman came into the shop and introduced herself.  She was part of the summer cleaning crew in the building.  She took my arms in her hands and says, " you see, my hairs are standing up, you are one of us."  She ran off to get her friends, and calls out, "she's one of us!", and brought them back to introduce me.  She said she had to get back to work, but that she would be back.  I wonder what she meant?

Saturday May 26

At about 3:00 on a slow afternoon they came in.  It was a mother and father, and a birthday girl turning ten years old.  For her birthday, her parents drove her down from Maine to get some witchy books and supplies at my shop!  I told the parents how much I commended them for supporting and encouraging her, and not brushing it off as a fad or phase.  The girl was like a kid in a candy shop!  She couldn't get enough and she had soooo many questions!  The shopped buzzed with positive energy.  She left with all sorts of trinkets and treasures and a huge smile on her face.  What a charming little girl.

Saturday June 2

Its a rainy humid Saturday in Durham.  Some of the students have just started moving into the building for some summer freedom before school resumes.  Many new faces walk passed the shop saying things like "What IS that place?", and What's in THERE?"  And some comments that  I cannot repeat.  Only the boy students though.  The girls look in inquisistively in hopes of coming in when the boys aren't around.  I wonder why some young males feel so threatened by a spiritual shop?  Perhaps they should think on that.  Off to my cup of tea.

Tuesday June 5
A little poem about dancing for today.

    I am the diamond

     that breathes
in your hands;
The fine lace to sway in
     breezes through windows
     as I crumble dedans la pirouette;
The cyclone, the earthquake,
     implosion of power
     in your arms.
     Spin me a room,
          Weave me a rainbow,
          Pull me to you and
     push me away.
          Burn me, absorb me.

I tumble, trip, fall, 
     to be lifted by you,
     elevated, levitated;
Finest rags, softest fringe,
     ripple around
     last evening light;
Raise me slowly
     on tiptoes;
Rescue me, scream my name
 Spin me your laughter,
          Catch me, don't drop me,
    Pull me to you,
          never push me away.
          Dance, don't stop.
Never stop.

Wednesday, June 20
This really nice guy just came into the shop with his wife and started playing the medicine  bowls AMAZINGLY!  It was so cool.

Monday, August 5

In loving memory of my dear friend J.R.  The energy in here will never be quite the same again.  Your spirit lives on.  

Thursday, August 16

So our August special is a huge hit!  (Spend $35 and get a bonus Tarot reading).  No appointments are needed.  I have been busy using my favorite decks and meeting the most interesting people!  I really enjoy doing readings so I've been having lots of fun exploring the Tarot and getting to meet the neighborhood.  Perhaps the month-long special should be extended?  Hmmm.....

Thursday, November 29

Wow, it was Tarot-palooza here yesterday - 7 readings back to back!  Had fun with the girls from the Masiello group and happy to be part of thier holiday celebration!  What a nice bunch. Make sure to stop by and see what you find!  We are a great place for holiday shopping, where you can find that special something, heartfelt and unique - maybe even hand made. 

Wednesday, February 20th

Tomorrow is a big day!  Who will be New Day Metaphysicals's new mascot? We will find out tomorrow if it will be Winston or Macy.  Woof woof!  Stop by the shop this weekend to meet a beautiful new soul! 

Tuesday, March 5th

Our store mascot has arrived!  Meet Mr. Wilson, the new administrative assistant!  He's one year old, loves belly rubs, gravy, and bones.  As a comitted emoplyee, he is here full time, whenever the store is open!  If you enjoy little dogs with lots of love in his heart, come on in and meet him!  He would just love to see you.  He is a sweetheart mutt, half Border Terrier, half Cairn Terrier.  He reminds me a lot of the dog from "The Grinch", and also a bit like "Toto" from The Wizard of Oz.  We are over the moon that he is here!!




              Dress Your Own Intention Candle $10

Dress a white "seven day" candle with your choice of oils, herbs, dried flowers, and other magical goodies to set a positive intention to be mindful of. Topped with crushed quartz crystal and bagged for you to take home!  Just don't blow it out, make sure to snuff it out.  It smells amazing too.  This service is available daily - No appointment neccesary!

                           Tarot Card Readings $15

                         Just Walk in!

What do the cards want you to know? What should you adjust today for a better outcome in the future?  No appointment neccasary. The cost is $15 and lasts for how ever long the reading takes, usually 15-20 minutes.  We end the reading by  drawing a card with a positive message from the universe for you to remember as you part.